Roast of Gotland Coffee – 3-pack

239 kr

Can only be bought in a pack of three

Organic Coffee roasted on Gotland. Choose between beans or filter coffee. The packaging is 100% recyclable. Alone or shared with others, we hope that the coffee in this package will improve your everyday life!

Light dark roast

Roasting 3/4
Fullness 3,5/4
Sharpness 2/4

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By Roastery of Gotland


250 g x3

Beans from Mexico

100% Arabica

Brewing tips:
For a perfect coffee, we suggest that you measure a raw tablespoon of coffee (about 9 grams) to each 150 ml of fresh water.

We recommend enjoying your coffee within two weeks of opening the packaging. Store cool and dry and close the bag properly to maximize the taste and aroma experience.