Pickled Cucumber, Tomato Chutney, Pickled onion

195 kr

Pack of three


The Pickled Cucumber is a unique composition with thinly sliced cucumber, onions and capsicum mixed in a sweet and sour sauce. It goes will with fish, meat or just a sandwich. The product is locally produced on Gotland without any additives or preservatives. The Pickled Cucumber has been awarded a gold medal in Swedish Artisan Food Championship. 


Our Tomato Chutney is an artisan product with a blend of tomatoes and fresh spices. It goes well in many types of food, from starters to the cheese platter. It is a perfect add-on in stews or sauces and of course the perfect topping for burgers. It is not spicy as many people think, it is more rich in its flavor. It contains no additives nor preservatives.  


On behalf of the Swedish National Chefs’ Team, we developed this product that would be suitable for lamb sausage. The fresh and crispy onion marries well with the lamb sausage. We probably think it turned out so well that we can say that it is suitable for all sausages, fish and even on sandwiches. Feel free to mix it with Créme Fraiche and enjoy a cold good sauce made in no time. We can proudly say that this pickled onion also won a Gold Medal in Swedish Artisan Food Championship.


Gutö Delikatesser is an artisan food manufacturer that produces unique products without additives or preservatives. We have been awarded many times for our compositions and we also custom makes products for the Swedish National Culinary Team. 



By Gutö Delikatesser


Allergen: mustard

Weight: 260 grams

Storage: opened packaging is refrigerated.


Pickled cucumber:

cucumber, onion, pepper, sugar, vinegar, water, cornstarch, salt, mustard and spices. 

Tomato chutney:

tomato, sugar, apple cider vinegar onion, raisins, mustard seeds and spices. 

Pickled onion:

onion, pepper, sugar, vinegar, water, salt, mustard and spices.