Masala Chai

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There’s flavored teas and then there’s flavored teas. This is nothing short of a perfection: the well-thought balance between the light black tea and healthy bits of classical chai spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger and black pepper) create a partnership that is hard to beat! Amazingly flavorful where the spices don’t steal the leading role, it’s a match made in heaven. The tea contains only those five spices and the light black tea as a base, no artificial aromas or flavor enhancements. Only the real deal: whole bits that are organically cultivated in the same farm as the tea, so they have been grown in the same terroir, what could be better? 

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Tasting notes: Nilgiri Black tea flavored with traditional Indian spices. Amazingly full-bodied spiciness with a perfect balanced flavor.

Brewing: 1,5g tea / 1 dl water, 95C for 1.30 min

Process: Orthodox method organic farming with Indian organic certificate, two leaves and a bud, carefully withered, wood fired. Whole leaves

Origin: Single Estate Neelamalai, Nilgiri Mountains, India. The farm size is approx. 2 ha

Altitude: 2000m

Picking: 31.10.2017

Best before: 12.6.2021

About the farmer: This tea farm is called Neelamalai, owned by Murali Subramanian. It employs 8 year-round workers. The tea production is 100% self-sufficient,everything they need to produce tea is provided in the farm. Their level of generosity in regards the salary, yearly bonuses and housing is humbling, and everyone should learn from their example how to lift the status of this generally underrated occupation.


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