Highland White

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This big, leafy beautiful white tea comes from a slow oxidizing cultivar that contributes an extra full-bodied and a deliciously sweet cup. This is white tea in its essence, and its distinct notes leave a long, good aftertaste in your mouth.

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Tasting notes: Delicate and full-bodied rich notes of sweet peach, young pear, rosehip, creamy coltsfoot, lemon and citrus flavors developing subtly

Process: Orthodox method, pesticide-free Fair Trade farming, partly sun, partly shade-dried. Whole leaves.

Brewing: 1,5g tea / 1 dl water, 70C for 1.30 min

Origin: Single Origin Satemwa cooperation, Thyolo, Malawi. The small farmers own approx. 0,5 ha each.

Altitude: 1003m

Picking: 30.6.2017

Best before: 30.06.2019

About the farmer: This tea estate is called Satemwa, owned by Alexander Kay. It consists of several small growers. This tea farm takes pride in being the only tea farm in Malawi that produces Orthodox tea. Their efforts improving the lives of the tea workers is humbling. Their dedication in protecting the surrounding nature and wildlife as well as maintaining high sustainable farming methods are truly rare in the tea industry.


Gallery photo by: Anette Kay

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