Furillen Vase Collapse

320 kr

The serie of Furillen takes its inspiration from the peninsula of Furillen on the north part of Gotland. It is a barren place wich in its simplicity is very beautiful. This litle vase is the rebell of the serie of Furillen. The design shows how lively and full of energi this material is. They are all different in their shape, and flowers stand well in the organic form.

Production time – 4-6 weeks.

Always unique and has different openings. 

5 in stock for delivery within 3-7 working days

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Designer: Big Pink

This glass is mouth-blown in shape and driven.

The glass is transparent.

It is dishwasher safe in medium temperature.

If you have special orders contact us directly for order information.

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Weight0.14 kg
Dimensions6 x 15cm