Prima Coffee – strong coffee beans 3-pack

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Can only be bought in a pack of three

The prima bean is found in all our coffee and comes from Women’s power in Colombia, an organic plantation where vulnerable women and single mothers are allowed to develop into their own entrepreneurs.

The beans are exclusive, of the finest kind. They are hand-picked, sun-dried and fermented before they reach us at Prima Gård. When we open a bag of raw beans, they smell like cocoa butter. And the roasted beans smell of chocolate.

We also roast a bean from Honduras Cadexa palaca, an ecologically fair plantation. It has a distinctly nutty tone, such as roasted almond and a high fruity, which lightens up the Prima bean while the nuttiness rounds off.

Interesting to know:

Industrial coffee that many people have become accustomed to is often unripe beans that are roasted a little too long. Simply to compensate the unripe bean. We always stay within the range for a medium roast, as the smoke that develops when the bean goes into dark roast gives the burnt tone or smokiness that we want to avoid. Our beans are of the finest quality and when we cross the border we destroy the aromas and fullness of the coffee.

We roast the beans up to about 188-190 degrees, sometimes lower. Each degree is about seconds and every second in the roast gives the bean different flavours, so every bag of coffee is completely unique. We pour the beans manually, 5kg at a time, and completely control the roasting “by hand”. No automatic time settings are used, but only temperature meters. Depending on humidity, heat, cold, winds, the beans keep different temperatures as they roll into the roast and the surroundings also cause the roasting to take different time each time. Therefore every roast is unique.

The strong coffee beans – has been balanced with Honduras which adds additional fruitiness to the Prima Bean, but which at the same time rounds it off with a nutty tone. We serve strong beans like espresso with warm milk and it will be so good! Also nice as a press coffee or brewed coffee.

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By Prima Faktori

250 g x3

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